Quick Ignition Switch Satellite Truck Shut Off Technologies

Recently the American Trucking Association working with the Department of Homeland Security and some rather brilliant folks in the high-tech satellite field came up with a system where a GPS tracking unit which already tracks the trucks would also have a relay system to the dispatch office of fuel tanker trucks and hazardous materials. This relay system would enable the dispatcher to have a quick ignition switch satellite truck shut-off technology to immediately disable a hijacked truck to prevent International Terrorists from trying to attack a building or important infrastructure using the truck as a weapon.

A brilliant concept no doubt and hats off to the engineers, trucking industry associations and the Department of Homeland Security for facilitating the incorporation of such technology to protect the American People from International Terrorism within our borders. When we consider the satellite systems now like the “OnStar” system by General Motors, which can unlock your car from a satellite or even alert authorities and first responders if your airbag is deployed it seems that perhaps this simple system of the quick ignition switch satellite shut off could be used for other purposes as well.

For instance if your car is stolen and reported the car is simply disabled and the horn honks and the lights flash until someone reports the car or until authorities reach the car, while the hoodlums run away for fear of being arrested? Think on things like this in 2006.

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