What are the latest developments in the electric automobile industry?

When electric automobiles first arrived on the scene, they looked and drove a lot differently than they do today. This saw initial resistance from the public and made it a tough job to convince people that electric-powered travel was the future. Over time though, the climate change crisis and advances in electric cars have changed this attitude. 

Now, the electric automobile sector is thriving with over 10 million EVs on the world’s roads in 2020. This upward trend is likely to continue as the industry uses the latest tech and ideas to improve. But what are the latest developments we are seeing in EVs?

Lean manufacturing

One hot topic around the electric automobile industry is lean manufacturing in business and how this can be applied when manufacturing cars. Lean manufacturing involves companies taking steps to minimize wastage, work more efficiently, reduce costs and increase productivity. 

For the makers of electric automobiles, the ability to do this not only helps them have less of an impact on the planetbut also reduces how much it costs them to produce a vehicle. They can then lower the price point of EVs and start making them more affordable for all.Studying for a master’s in manufacturing engineering online is one way to gain lean manufacturing skills and to make a career in this industry. Kettering University Online is the best place to study a course like this virtually, as it delivers world-class learning and superb support to students.

More and more manufacturers getting onboard

Another major change in the world of electric automobiles has been the sheer number of manufacturers getting on board recently. It is no longer a choice of a Nissan Leaf, a Toyota Prius, or a Tesla Roadster! Big names like BMW, Audi, Ford, and Hyundai are all bringing out electric cars or electric versions of petrol models. This looks likely to be a permanent change and the range of electric vehicles offered by manufacturers will grow massively in the coming years.

Better power and range for EVs

When electric cars were launched, power and range were their initial downfall. Only being able to drive a relatively small amount of miles on one charge was just too restrictive for many, as was the poor performance when compared to the power a petrol engine produces. 

The latest developments in the industry have gone a long way to solving the problems. Net-gen lithium-Ion batteries, for example, give a much better range and better performance. With the number of EV charging ports increasing each year and wireless charging of electric cars on the way, this is something that has changed greatly in recent times. 

EV industry also changing

As you would expect for such a tech-heavy sector, the electric automobile industry is always forging ahead. This can be seen in the way EVs look now and how other advances like electric buses, trams, and lorries are being talked about. One thing is for sure – wherever it heads next, it will be exciting!

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