Diesel Pusher – What You Can Learn on a Factory Tour

If you are in the market for a new diesel pusher, or you already own one, have you considered touring the factory where they are built? Why would you want to do this? Because it will give you a better insight into the type of construction that goes into each diesel pusher, but also you will get a better feel for the company’s commitment to customer service and satisfaction. Although some of the bigger manufacturers can produce hundreds and hundreds of diesel pusher models and other RVs in a year, you would like to think that they take the time to make each one top quality. Here is your chance to take a look for yourself at your future diesel pusher.

Call, write or e-mail the diesel pusher manufacturer to see if and when they offer tours. Some offer one a week while others offer more than one tour a day. This may be one of your first indications of how committed they are to the customer. Then, find out if they have overnight facilities for their guests. Many do-although some reserve the spots for owners of their make of diesel pusher or RV first (which is fair.)

Once you get to the factory, do they make you feel welcome? Are you able to see the factory workers doing their jobs? What is the “feel” of the operation? Is it a spirit of cooperation or just getting the job done? What type of quality control do they practice? How do they test the RVs for quality? Some manufacturers drive each RV more than 100 miles to ensure that it is ready for service.

How do they handle questions? Do they find answers if they don’t know them? Are they respectful and patient?

Some people even bring their RVs to the plant for service. Do the technicians keep customers up to date on what they are doing and how long it will take?

Talk to other owners to see what their feelings and experiences are to compare and get a more personalized opinion.

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