Making an RV Emergency Notification Information Kit

What would happen if you were out on the road in your RV and had an RV emergency situation? What if you were in an accident and you could not give the service personnel any contact information? What if you are away from your RV in your car out sight seeing, etc. and you have an accident? An RV Emergency Notification Information Kit would be very helpful to those service personnel and also to your family and friends to give them all of the information they need to handle your affairs until you are able to. You probably have something like this in your home, but you should also carry it in your “home away from home.”

RV Emergency Notification Information Kit

1. Although you may enjoy the spontaneity of the RV lifestyle, it is important to let someone know where you are going and where you will be for each day of your trip. This should be someone that you trust with information about things like your insurance, your medical concerns, etc. Cell phones have made it easy for people on the road to stay in contact, so give them a call if you change your plans.

2. Part of your RV emergency kit should be a fireproof safety box. Keep a key on yourself and give one to your emergency contact. This should have notarized copies of documents such as your will, insurance policies, etc. Keep the originals at home and have copies with your emergency contact as well.

3. Don’t forget to take care of your pets in the even of an RV emergency. Have a designated caretaker assigned.

4. You should have several laminated RV emergency cards made up with basic contact information on them. You don’t want too much information, because it might be stolen, but it should have enough information that emergency personnel could get in touch with your emergency contact. Put them in your wallet, your car, your RV and any other tow vehicle.

5. The RV emergency card should say something like “we are RV owners and our RV should be parked with in 50 miles of our current location. Here is our emergency contact information if you suspect that this vehicle has been unintentionally abandoned.” If you have a pet, you should put that on the card as well.

6. Wear a medical ID bracelet if you have special medical considerations.

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