Static Caravan – How To Choose A Static Caravan

Before you choose to buy a static caravan, it is advisable to look for a caravan park that meets your holiday needs before purchasing one. Opting for the right park is vital to ensuring a long term and enjoyable caravanning ownership.

The next step involves pro-actively researching and then deciding on the right caravan which meets all or most of your requirements. To help with your research, you can write or email the manufacturers to request for their brochures. Most will send this out to you same day via first class post and will start corresponding with you by pointing out the key and unique selling features of their brand(s). To get a better understanding of what brand to go with, you can request for as many brochures as you wish, thereby, enabling you to compare the different specifications, models, environmetal friendliness, and ease of use. Furthermore, you can visit one or more of the numerous caravan forums online (by going to Google and typing in caravan forums) where you can ask as many questions as necessary and be given real honest answers.

Attending caravan exhibitions is a worthwhile exercise before making a final decision as this physically showcases all the major brands by the top manufacturers who are likely to be in attendance. Most static caravans has been generally designed for holiday use instead of full time living. Nowadays, all the top manufacturers only use high quality materials in the construction and manufacture of all static caravans. Even the interiors are more often than not, a beauty to behold and own. If you live in the Uk or anywhere in Europe, please be certain that your caravan has been built to comply with the British and European standard: BS EN 1647, although some upmarket/luxury caravans are built to BS 3632 standard, which means they could also be used for residential purposes since they conform to residential standards.

Determining the layout and number of bedrooms required will be a major factor in choosing a caravan. Most are manufactured with between two to four bedrooms with up to eight berths and can range from 22ft wide to 60ft long. They can come in either a single or twin unit sections. Ascertaining if you will be sub-letting occasionally, will play a key role in deciding the size and specification you will need. As with any investment property, if you plan to sub-let your holiday home for long periods of time, opting for the standard specification, size and model will yield the maximum return on investment. If the opposite is the case, which means you plan to use it more often, ideally, it may be worth paying a little more to have extras fitted to suit your personal needs.

However, after all is said and done, the model, specification, size and holiday park, all hinges on a single decisive factor – Your budget.

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