In-car Entertainment — What You Need And What You Don’t

Car audio and incar entertainment is getting hotter and hotter by the day. So, folks, do you need all that’s advertised? Do you need all you can afford? I’ll take you through questions that will help you determine what you need and what you don’t…

How much modification are you willing to make in your car? There are car entertainment setups that will require a radical modification of your car interior. Some will require a mild modification, while others will require no modification.

So how much modification do you want? If you want the most elaborate setups then you’ll require the most dramatic modifications.

What do you, or would you, use this car for most? Furthermore, how long would/do you spend in this car daily or weekly?

This should be a heavy factor in deciding what you setup as incar entertainment. If this is a vehicle you use for family trips, then you certainly know that you’ll need stuff for the kids, too (if you have them).

Compare this with what you’d need if compared to a car you drive daily and spend a total of, say, 3 hours per day in. You’ll certainly not require DVD movies (since you’ll be driving) but you will certainly be justified if you spent something handsome in making this setup as good as it can be. You’re spending a good portion of your life here. So, it’s perfectly in order to make it the best you can.

How long do you plan to use this car?

Do you intend to sell off this car in the next 6 months or the next 6 years. Spending a fortune on in-car entertainment for a car you’ll soon sell doesn’t look smart to me. You can hardly ever recoup half your investment. After all, anyone who is that much deep in car entertainment will certainly have his/her preferences.

What music genre(s) do you listen to predominantly?

Do you play jazz or hip hop? You certainly won’t need earth-shattering sub-bass if you’re a jazz lover. We know jazz should be listened to while hip hop should getting us thumping

What’s your social standing? Who are you?

It will be unsightly for a school teacher or banker to drive to work in one of “them” radically modified cars. A few folks may be forced to withdraw their kids or funds.

But what if you’re a show biz guy or gal? Got the picture?

How much do you have?

This one always finds its way in every matter. and you know, it often determines what you ultimately can or can’t.

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