Your Mp3 Files Can Go On The Drive With You – Here’s How

Every music lover downloads mp3 files from their computers. Even those who might not be called music enthusiasts do a lot of mp3 downloads these days — there are audio books in mp3 format.

So, what do you do with your mp3 files while you’re driving? How do you play them in the car? There are several options open to you. Let’s explore some…

If you use an ipod, you can take advantage of ipod car integration kits. They come in various shapes, give different levels of audio output and also come at price ranges that accommodate everyone.

There are cassette adapters, FM transmitters/modulators and other specialized high level ipod car integration kits.

For your ipod’s safety and to ensure you are not distracted while driving, there are ipod car mounts and holders. This feature is often incorporated into some of the higher end ipod car integration kits.

The other solution for your mp3 needs are CD players that can play mp3 files. With these types of CD players you can carry 10 hours worth of music on just a disc.

Now when considering CD players, there are a special breed — CD changers — that can hold multiple discs at a time. These totally remove shuffling around for the next disc to insert. If you get one with mp3 capability, you can easily load up to 60 hours of music.

Still on getting another unit to help you play your mp3 files in your car…

There are digital CD receivers that have a USB port and flash memory. Through the USB, you can upload your mp3 files. And you have up to 1GB flash memory so you can store a huge number of files.

What if you have another type of mp3 player and don’t want to buy a CD player or changer? Yes, not everyone uses the ipod. So what do you do if you’re one of such folks? Look around! There are certainly car integration kits for the most popular types. After all, the selling point of most mp3 players is their portability. And what’s portability if you can’t have it well-integrated with you car audio system.

The folks there are great — I know them. However, since they ship only to Europe, you may not be able to get yours from them. There are great alternatives. You’ll see them on my site. Furthermore, you’ll learn a lot more about car audio.

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